By Anthony Liversidge

This blog is a running roll of notes on interesting news and ideas in science that may be fully written up on Science Guardian, a long form blog which challenges conventional wisdom and ruling paradigms in science and medicine which do not accord with the literature.

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  1. Rond Affler says:

    Dear webmaster.

    I seek permission to post your image, on another website.
    Could you kindly give permission to do so?

    ((Sure. Ed.))

  2. sorry but you don’t have a contacts form so I can’t ask the obvious question… why is your blog so badly laid out? you have some quite good articles here but no real means of finding them (?) . WordPress is a great tool; if used correctly!

    You have sadly not made good use of the page, category or tag architecture, but if you were you would get far better indexed and more people would read you. Sorry if this is poorly rec but it is offered as constructive criticism…

    regards GreenMan-23 (The Anarchist Gardener)

    • Sorry, not sure what the page architecture is, though categories and tags may be self explanatory. But why would I care how many people read this? Wouldn’t one care more about who read it, if only to get worthwhile comments adding something to it. It has no advertising so numbers don’t really matter. It is really done only to make short notes of interesting topics for Science Guardian. But thanks for reading it, and feel free to add any other comment to add to a topic or to correct it.

  3. If you want new science that is revolutionary and groundbreaking

    howabout a theory that flys in the face of modern science? gravity is the driving force of all life on earth?

    humans.. animals and all plant life do not battle against gravity .. we are all aided by it and assisted by the way it effects the fluids in our bodies

    here have a read of this for an explanation of how gravity is the driving force of all life on this planet

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