Celia Farber’s New Blog Carries Revealing State Department Text on “HIV/AIDS”

CDC Admits HIV/AIDS Not Infectious Threat

But It Always Was Laughable Fiction

A Child’s Guide to Why HIV/AIDS IS Impossible

Lest we forget, the CDC and the State Department over two years ago agreed that HIV/AIDS really wasn’t an infectious disease threat, and “HIV positives” could come into the US freely.

Celia Farber in her spanking new updated blog Truth Barrier reproduces the entire order at Wikileaks Cable: US Gov. Ceases HIV Testing Visa Applicants and Calls HIV infection “Not A Communicable Disease That Is Of Significant Public Health Risk.”

She reminds us in this way that the CDC has told the State Department – and the rest of the world, if they care to read it – that HIV/AIDS is in effect not an infectious disease. Quite how one reconciles that with the propaganda that it is busy creating a world wide pandemic and vast sums must be spent to combat its deadly spread is the puzzle that presents itself to any upright citizen who likes to believe that government bodies, let alone scientists, know what they are talking about.

Alas, a few moments thought will reveal the answer: they don’t. Any and all suggestions that HIV/AIDS transmits between people is nonsense.

Really? Really.

The post on Celia’s Truth Barrier included a Comment which roused this writer to explain why this is the case, as to a child, a child one has the sad task of explaining at some point that Father Christmas is a fiction.

For anyone who still hasn’t got the point as expressed in the previous post, here it is laid out ABC:

Why HIV/AIDS IS Nonsense: A Child’s Guide

“However, it is obviously a serious infectious disease threat worldwide.” – “Jason Statham”

Where precisely did you learn this startling fact, Mr Jason S? Since there have been more or less the same total of 1 million HIV positives in the US since the start of this “serious worldwide disease threat”, it seems that the US has entirely escaped it. Can you explain this? Was there some magic potion that the CDC handed out? Or was it simply that this is the finest country in the world, and boasts a public not very susceptible to fictional “serious infectious disease threats” which don’t pan out in any visible way?

As a matter of fact, the HIV tests test for antibody to HIV rather than the virus, which apparently is so overwhelmingly missing in AIDS patients even when they are dying that it is impossible to find without using PCR, which can find the equivalent of a needle in six acres of hayfield.

Since HIV is entirely missing in AIDS patients, as I say, and all that can be found is antibodies, can you tell me please how this can possibly be an “infectious disease” of any kind, even one that is “non contagious” through”casual contact”?

I mean, how are your antibodies to HIV contagious? Your personal antibodies cannot be transmitted to any other person, can they? And if they could ever possibly be transmitted, then hey presto! that person would also enjoy immunity to HIV and all its ghastly supposed depredations.

The suggestion that HIV/AIDS is “infectious” is that HIV antibodies are infectious, which is obvious twaddle, and that you or any smarty pants upright citizen could peddle such twaddle even in your own mind is one of the most amazing effects of CDC and NIAID propaganda, comparable only to the claptrap purveyed by established religion of the kind in which most of us were brought up. You go around convinced that your antibodies can cause a pandemic!


In case you don’t know what I am talking about, please refer to any child’s elementary textbook on how the immune system guards us against infections by creating antibodies. Those antibodies then conquer the infection and render us immune to further invasions. This is what happens in AIDS to HIV. We are left with antibodies to HIV. If we are still sane we are very happy about this. Or should be.

Then the ignorant and the venal arrive with antibody test kits, measure us as antibody positive, call it incorrectly “HIV positive”, and tell us we will infect the world, and need noxious drugs in large and extremely expensive amounts to carry on living, until we die of what are evidently drug effects in at least half the 17,000 AIDS deaths registered by the CDC annually in the US even now.

And you swallow this stuff, Mr Jason S. But so does the entire world, with the few exceptions that can think for themselves.

When all they have to do is think for approximately two minutes, along the lines I have just stated, to see this is such claptrap that it rends asunder the very fabric of the universe of common sense that we know and love.

But you apparently prefer to swim in the bog of inanity and puerile drivel created by Dr Anthony “Don’t blame me I have to do what the gays ask!” Fauci and his friends, Bob “I deserve a Nobel prize and they forgot me!” Gallo, and David “They threw me out of Rockefeller but I climbed back into CalTech!” Baltimore, and other such self serving antiscientists, rather than the most expert, authoritative and accomplished Peter Duesberg of Berkeley, who has explained all this for 27 years with the help of Celia Farber, David Rasnick, and a host of worthy lay supporters who have written over thirty books complementing Duesberg’s excellent Inventing the AIDS Virus, which stands as true and helpful now as it did when published last century.

Exactly as true and helpful. Nothing has changed. Buy it!

So Mr “Jason S”, what are you? Presumably you have taken the day or century off from thinking for yourself.

Otherwise a man as smart as you, so sure of the eternal verities of HIV/AIDS propaganda and the “serious infectious threat worldwide” we face from transferring HIV antibodies to each other, could be thought a shill for the scientific spivs and charlatans who have fed their careers and bank accounts with this fiction, which has to be the most blatantly silly fairy tale that ever raised its deadly head in science and in medicine.

Hello? Mr Jason S? Hello? Are you hearing what I say? Are you even awake? Helloooooooo!

Nurse, see to this man, he is walking around with his eyes shut.

Public credulity

It is really quite remarkable how one can persuade the entire world that utter nonsense is real simply by standing on a platform holding up a sign saying “I am an expert scientist”.

We direct all who seek accessible and well written undermining of the HIV/AIDS fiction to the seminal article by Celia Farber in Harpers six years ago, Out of control:
AIDS and the corruption of medical science
, which stands as true today as it did when it was published six years ago, contrary to the Wkipedia entry on Celia Farber, which has been bowdlerized by her political opponents, the champions of HIV/AIDS.

“Scientifically discredited” it was not, despite the best efforts of Robert “Why didn’t they give me the Nobel prize?” Gallo and his friends, who wrote a long letters claiming a list of errors none of which proved out.

In fact the only error we could find was to do with a cuckoo clock, and nothing to do with HIV/AIDS.

As is usual with Harpers, it was fact checked properly.

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