Shocking condition of Christopher Hitchens after standard treatment

Vanity Fair (Jan 2012)just arrived also has a disturbing essay by and photograph of Christopher Hitchens, who has been worn down badly by the treatment he has suffered at the hands of conventional medicine and its experimental drugs (which his buddy Francis Collins, head of the NIH, gave him access to) in clinical trials being conducted on possible genetically targeted drugs for his throat (esophageal) cancer.

Hitchens’ natural skepticism, which saw through the camouflage of Clinton and even Mother Theresa, not to mention God, was evidently completely banished by his vulnerability and he gulped its only antidote, complete trust in his medical authorities and their deadly ministrations. Now he is pleased with the results of his treatment which is grotesquely damaging to his otherwise healthy body as well as the cancer, he sstates.

He clearly has no idea of recent modern research into the power of phytochemicals, even though with a little help he could see for himself by accessing PubMed. He also has no idea how his new buddy Collins and his colleagues tend to ignore and suppress these findings, and fail to finance the clinical trials they call for.

Update: Hitchens has now died. See “Christopher Hitchens Dies at 62 At Hands of Conventional Medicine at Science Guardian.

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