Human global warming? Error, says CERN CLOUD experiment – Nature. Really?

Global warming skeptics (that it is caused by human activity) are crowing over an item in Nature last week.

Seems they believe that an experiment at CERN indicates it is solar activity after all which controls the temperature of the home of humanity, not the pollution we love to excrete.

Here is the item carried on IBTimes (short ad is unstoppable), but any Google news search of “CERN” will produce coverage, 27 articles so far.

How the inevitable altercation sorts out will be interesting to watch. After all, Al Gore is reported of late to have compared “global warming denialists” with “racists” or worse.

Here is one antidote comment from Media Matters:

“Fox and other conservative media claim that CERN’s study of cosmic rays “concluded that it’s the sun, not human activity,” causing global warming. In fact, at this point the research “actually says nothing about a possible cosmic-ray effect on clouds and climate,” according to the lead author, and it certainly doesn’t refute human-induced global warming.”

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