Psychic buster Banacek exposes Columbia’s female John Mack

Lisa Miller cries off ABC interview half way thru

Supported validity of TV show Psychic Kids exploiting children’s psychic claims

Hot Nightline on August 16th had ABC’s Connie Chung exposing the fatuous intellectualized sympathy of a female Columbia professor named Lisa Miller.

“I think those people are scum” says Banacek forthrightly, a young, handsome and dynamic enemy of fatuous demon/ghost/talking to the dead fantasies, especially those who old out hope to bereaved relatives that they can communicate with their loved ones whose bodies are being eaten by worms below ground.

What donkeys inhabit the professorial ranks of even the highest citadels of academic privilege!

Here’s her official bio:

Dr. Lisa Miller is a leading scholar in the area of spirtiuality and wellness. She has authored over fifty scholarly articles and chapters on spirituality, resilience and mental health, as well as spoken internationally and on Capital Hill to policy maker on spirituality and wellness in youth. Her research includes school based spiriutally oriented interventions for children and adolescents, teacher training on a spiritual stance to teaching, pedagogical models around spiritual awareness, as well as ongoing use of spiritual awareness in therapy and coaching. Professor Miller has received numerous grants and awards for her research on mental health, treatment and wellness, to include funding from NIMH, the William T Grant Foundation Scholars Award, the vanAmeringen Foundation, the Kingenstein Fund, and the Pritchard Foundation. Dr. Miller is Past-President of the American Psychological Association Division of Spirituality, Religion and Psychology and current Editor of the “Oxford University Press Handbook of Psychology and Spirituality,” as well as Associate Editor of the APA journal “Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.” Dr. Miller speaks publically and though the media on spirituality, the spiritual awareness and wellness.
Lisa Jane Miller

Associate Professor of Psychology and Education

Phone: 212-678-3852

The last sentence seems ungrammatical, as does much of her Wiki entry – who wrote these entries?

Looks like this lame brain has made a sterling career out of milking the modern yearning for spiritual experience via various foundations for the furtherance of such demand for evidence of supernatural planes of being.

Banacek looks like a good heir to the tradition of Randy. We sympathise with his disgust and fury against those who cheat with magic and win the adoration of the gullible in vulnerable states.

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