Paul Kammerer Come Back – All is Forgiven!

Poor Kammerer – was it a love affair or the group reject effect that drove him to suicide after he had proved evidence of post-Darwin evolution?

Novel research? Suicide may be premature

If you can wait a century maybe you will be vindicated

Re-examination suggests Paul Kammerer’s scientific ‘fraud’ was a genuine discovery of epigenetic inheritance

“It is no secret that even today, the “inheritance of acquired characteristics” is often treated as an impossibility, supposedly discarded by experiments such as the amputation of the tail of mice during successive generations, which never leads to mice being born without tails. It was argued that no special mechanism existed by which environmental change could directly modify inheritance, and that every apparent case could be ultimately explained by indirect effects of natural selection and conventional genetics. But these views started to change drastically since the 1990’s, along with the progress in techniques to study molecular genetics. These uncovered several molecular mechanisms, such as DNA methylation, that could directly change inheritance in response to the environment. The modern field of epigenetics studies those changes in gene expression that do not involve a mutation, but are nevertheless inherited in absence of the signal or event that initiated the change. During the 21st century, experiments in mice have reported such inheritable modifications, identifying the relevant genes that have been altered by epigenetic mechanisms.

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The Encyclopedia Britannica may only repeat the discredited idea without reexamination, however:

“The theory of acquired traits is not supported by science, and Kammerer’s claim to have proved it met with a great deal of criticism.”

Accessed Feb 24 Sat 2017
“Paul Kammerer
WRITTEN BY: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica
LAST UPDATED: 11-13-2007 See Article History
Paul Kammerer
August 17, 1880
Vienna, Austria
September 23, 1926
Puchberg, Germany

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