Come back Lamarck, all is forgiven!

Lamarck vs Darwin - were they both right?

Lamarck vs Darwin – were they both right?

Nice episode on NPR Sat Science show Radiolab noon-1pm 93.9 FM finally bringing to the public in general the rehabilitation of Lamarck’s reputation for guessing that nurture can change the way the body grows and operates, and that Darwin’s mutation isn’t enough to create the rapid changes we see in adapting to the environment in animals and humans generation to generation.

In other words, evolution can happen rapidly through the environment including your friends’ and family’s behavior and its action on how genes are expressed. (Unfortunately it may take many years to work on an unsatisfactory mate – divorce is a lot quicker!)

Don’t tell the AMNH! They have always been terrified of letting the window open for the demons of creationism to come in and say you don’t need just Darwin, you need God to design humans and other creatures better. So their Darwin exhibition a while back in the 2000s resolutely ignored all this stuff, which is now the mainspring of so much research into epigenetics, the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.

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