Parrots are more than pets – they communicate!

A New York Times video collects all the tricks that parrots owned by readers can show off, but there is something about the parade which emotionally shortchanges the complex beings that parrots really are. Perhaps it is the feather plucking state of one of the birds, which betrays the imprisonment that they suffer compared with their lost, free flying state in their natural habitat, with the development of their skills now stunted by meeting frustration at every turn, including even their ability to develop language, as Irene Pepperberg’s African grey Alex showed us all with his vocabulary of more than one hundred significant words.

Even so the parrots movingly do their best to bond with their owners with friendly communication and even with their dog in one priceless moment here where the little bird pauses by the dog on the floor and goes woof! woof! before moving on!

What wonderful creatures parots are!

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