Dog smart as toddlers, humans finally find out

Sixty Minutes reruns Chaser segment – dog can learn verbs as well as nouns.

Dog hugging stimulates oxytocin in both owner and pet

MRI shows how dogs brains work, and that each has different talents

Sixty Minutes reran its wildly popular segment on how dogs brains work, which Anderson Cooper investigated earlier.

Chaser has learned over 100o words which label,his toys  – three times the average toddler.   Seems that training dogs makes them smarter, so one wonders what the limit might be – a dog Einstein seems possible.

Some  interesting comment at Forbes by the Arlene Weintraub authot of an upcoming book on dogs sniffing out cancer.


There’s More To Smart Dogs Than What ’60 Minutes’ And Chaser Showed You

A site for you to test your own dog’s wits:  Dognition


Here is the script of the episode

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