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Psychic buster Banacek exposes Columbia’s female John Mack

Lisa Miller cries off ABC interview half way thru Supported validity of TV show Psychic Kids exploiting children’s psychic claims Hot Nightline on August 16th had ABC’s Connie Chung exposing the fatuous intellectualized sympathy of a female Columbia professor named … Continue reading

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Extraordinary numbers in Killer At Large doc on Obesity

With the release of documentaries like King Corn, Food Inc (shown on PBS) Supersize Me and Fat Head, the basic outline of the obesity epidemic which threatens American wellbeing more successfully than terrorism are pretty clear, and you might think … Continue reading

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Dapper Anthony Fauci wows Columbia with slide show bio

King of NIAID for 27 years celebrates highpoints of life as bureaucrat/scientist Retails HIV/AIDS lore as immovable research pyramid, with its foundation stone missing We don’t dare mention mythbuster Nancy Padian except casually, and get odd reply Unmissable event today … Continue reading

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